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BCSEA Victoria Chapter September Update

It's been a busy month for the Victoria Chapter. The topic of the September chapter meeting was on urban backyard food production, in synchrony with the Local Food Festival put on by CommonEnergy at UVic. In addition to the chapter meeting, the Victoria chapter has been focusing on its projects in the last month.

The High School project, led until recently by Randyn Seibold, has been developing its strategies for informing and engaging secondary students. It has been extending its reach by working with the Sierra Club's Sustainable High Schools initiative.

The Municipal Engagement Project team has completed climate action checklists for 15 of the municipal goverments and electoral areas within the Capital Regional District. These checklists will soon be sent to municipal planners asking for their comments and corrections. They will then be used as a baseline for monitoring progress in the CRD on energy and climate change activities. We are also using this activity to open our relationships with local governments.

Our next chapter meeting is planned for October 20th where we will have 2 municipal planners or sustainability coordinators, and 2 councillors, answering four questions about the energy policies of their respective jurisdictions.