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Catch an Incentive #3

The government has announced a new, ‘shrunk-but-still-there’ LiveSmart BC home energy efficiency incentives program, valid until March 31st 2014. 
If you’d like to save some energy and money and greenhouse gases, go immediately to the LiveSmart website, to see what’s available. 
Air sealing of your home: Between $250 and $400
Energy Star bathroom fan: $25
Improved attic and roof insulation: Up to $600
Improved exterior wall insulation: Up to $1200
Improved basement or crawl space insulation: Up to $1,000
This offer is available to homeowners of eligible properties in BC. You’ll need an initial energy assessment from a Certified Energy Advisor, and do a follow-up assessment once the retrofit is done. 
The offer is only open to people who heat their home with electricity, natural gas or propane supplied by either BC Hydro or FortisBC. If you heat with wood, oil or other fuels, you’re out of luck. 
Here are some sources to help you pick a Certified Energy Advisor: