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Catch an Incentive #2

There’s still a danger that the government may scrap the current LiveSmart BC program, which ends on March 31st 2013. We’re hoping not, and many of you have already written to urge them not to.

If you think your home could benefit from an energy efficiency upgrade, to save money, energy and greenhouse gases, go immediately to City Green’s LiveSmart grants chart, to see what’s available.

  •  Air sealing of your home? Between $400-$500
  • Heat recovery ventilator? $800-$1,000
  • Energy Star bathroom fan? $100
  •  {C}{C}Improved attic/loft insulation? Up to $750
  • Exterior wall insulation? Up to $1500 
  • Basement or crawl space insulation? Up to $1,000

  • Energy Star windows, doors or skylights? Up to $70

  • Gas furnace or boiler replacement? Up to $600
  • Air source heat pump? Up to $1500
  • Ground source heat pump? Up to $2500
  •  Solar hot water heater? Up to $500
  • and there’s more

This offer is available to homeowners in BC who have not yet had incentives from Livesmart BC or the now defunct federal ecoENERGY program. You need to have an initial Energy Assessment from a Certified Energy Advisor AND a follow-up Energy Assessment before March 31, 2013, so don’t delay - get cracking today!

The full lowdown: