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Can You Help the BCSEA?

We're a small organization with a big heart and even bigger ambitions, and we value your help.

Q: What is your driving concern as an organization?

A: The storm clouds of global climate change, which will wreak havoc on our world if we don't accelerate the proven sustainable solutions for transport, buildings, electricity, forestry and farming fast enough.

Q: What are you doing on the ground here in BC, to make a difference?

A: A lot...

  • We have reached over 54,000 schoolchildren with our Climate Change Showdown;
  • we are working with the City of Vancouver to enable the retrofitting of 15 condominiums;
  • we have pioneered the SolarBC program;
  • we are very engaged with policy-makers, helping to develop the best sustainable energy policies;
  • we are working with other BC NGOs in a network called Organizing for Change, to develop a new campaign on LNG - liquefied natural gas;
  • we are very active at the BC Utilities Commission, always arguing for more energy conservation, fair pricing, and more use of renewable energy;
  • we provide a free monthly webinar program on climate and energy solutions;
  • our members meet in Chapters in Victoria, Vancouver, Kamloops and Kelowna, where they become engaged in a variety of projects;
  • we mobilize our members to make a difference whenever we can, such as working to save LiveSmart BC's Energy Incentives Program. 

Q: What are your plans for 2013?

A: We are not short of big dreams. There's an election coming up, which is a critical time for climate change and sustainable energy solutions to be getting prominent attention. We want to build far greater public awareness of the danger that the proposed new natural gas strategy poses to the global climate and to BC's climate goals; we want people to see the full vision of how BC can flourish in a sustainable energy future. There are huge opportunities for us to do more in the realms of sustainable transportation and buildings. 

Q: What do you need to help you do more?

A: We need three things:

1. We need more members (if you are not yet a member, will you join? The link is here - www.bcsea.org/join).

2. We need more volunteers to help in our Chapters (if you're able to help, email info@bcsea.org).

3. We depend on support from our members and donors to pursue our work. Can you help? To make a donation, click here