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Catch an Incentive

 Are you making the most of the incentives that are available to help you build a more sustainable world? Starting right now, we’re introducing a monthly feature that will remind you of what’s out there, in case you want to put your hand out. Thanks to members from our Kamloops Chapter for suggesting this feature.


#1: BC Hydro’s Product Incentive Program

Provides incentives to small and medium businesses to replace old inefficient technologies with new efficient ones. To qualify, you need to

  • spend less than $200,000 annually on electricity from BC Hydro, and not have a BC Hydro key account manager, and be
  •  a residential strata customer (common areas only),
  •   a business customer of the City of New Westminster electric utility, or

        a commercial farm upgrading business-related buildings such as animal barns or workshops.
  •   Private homes, home-based businesses and other Rate 1101 accounts are not eligible.
  •  {C}{C}{C}Are you eligible? Call the Power Smart Helpdesk at 1-866-522-4713 before you purchase a product.

What’s available? Cash incentives for lights of every variety, occupancy sensors, exterior photocells with timers, HVAC equipment, refrigeration, commercial kitchen ovens and other cooking appliances, commercial dishwashers, commercial ice-making machines, ice-rink technologies, livestock watering equipment, and standard water pumps. The top incentive is $11,000, for a big-time dishwasher.

The lowdown: HERE!