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BC’s Provincial Election Beckons – What Are Your Top Priorities?

What if we thought that the coming provincial election next May was the most important event of the decade – and it was absolutely critical to elect a government that was committed to the smartest, greenest, most sustainable policies possible, that could turn the words “economic development” into “Earth-harmonious development.”

What kind of policies would we want if that were so? Because surely, it is so, when you read even that briefest of summaries - from the World Bank, of all things, which has never been known as a signed up greenie.

What would those smartest, greenest, most sustainable policies be for energy, and transport? What would they be for our cities and buildings?

What would they be for our forests and farms? For industry?

What would they be for our systems of taxation and financial management? For the ways we measure our economy, our happiness, and nature?

If you have some well-developed thoughts along these lines, please submit them, ideally nice and tight, close to bullet form, not a long essay. We need to know what you are thinking, and what sparks of genius you are hiding away.

Please send your thoughts to info@bcsea.org with the subject line ‘Smartest, greenest, most sustainable’.

Thank you!