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Solar Energy? Count the Barriers!

Barrier-busting is something the BCSEA works hard at - there’s nothing more frustrating than running into a long line of regulatory obstacles and ditches, when all you want to do is build the greenest house possible, or install a solar panel or a wind turbine.

If you’re a 110-metres hurdler, jumping hurdles is what you do. But must hurdling also be a required sport for BC’s renewable energy champions, who are working so hard to create a better world for their grandchildren?

Old-time attitudes and regulations are making life hard for small-scale renewables in BC. That’s why the BCSEA is launching the Small Scale Renewable Energy Barriers Project. The project targets ten frustrating barriers, proposes solutions, and aims to bring government and business representatives together to eliminate them.

The ten barriers the BCSEA is addressing are:

  1. The disproportionately high cost of Electrical Code permitting for renewables
  2. The lack of renewable energy training for BC Safety Authority Inspectors
  3. The limitations of Canadian Certification Standards
  4. Excessive service size requirements for renewable energy sites
  5. The lack of renewable energy training for electrical engineers and electricians
  6. The loss of PST exemptions
  7. Excessive BC Hydro manual disconnect requirements
  8. Excessive municipal tax assessments on renewable energy
  9. Lack of integrated design requirements for Remote Communities Electrification
  10. Expensive red tape in renewable energy planning & approvals

You can find the 6-page paper describing the barriers, and our proposed solutions, in the Policy section of our website.

Once the project gets going, we may need your support to get the best solutions implemented, and your help in identifying more barriers. Watch this space for details.