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BCSEA Victoria Steering Committee Meeting

The BCSEA Chapter Steering Committee met Sunday, May 24, on outgoing VP Alison Labonté's lovely sunlit patio. (Thanks, Ali!)

  • The steering committee approved the nomination of Phil Rossner to our ranks
  • Executive positions were decided on as follows:
    • Chair: Michael Nation will continue in a transitional role until September, after which time Alison Leduc will replace him
    • Vice Chair: Alison Labonté will continue in this role until she leaves for the US, at which time Nadia Ariff will replace her
    • Secretary: Lynn Daniel
    • Treasurer: Denise Stocco
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Nadia Ariff
    • Media Liason: Phil Rossner
    • Web Coordinator/Board Liason: Erin Carson
    • Members at Large: Bruce Mackenzie, Michael Nation (after September), Peter Judd, Bruce Sellars

For the complete proceedings of this meeting, please see the official Minutes, attached below.

PDF icon BCSEA_Vic_SC_Minutes_2009_05_24.pdf101.17 KB