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BCSEA Victoria: Clouds, Smart Garages and Aviation Fuel

January's Victoria Chapter meeting, held on Wednesday the 23rd, featured three presentations by two speakers.

The first speaker, Guillaume Mauger, is a climate scientist with a Ph.D. in in Atmospheric Science from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA. Guillaume's presentation taught us about the effects of clouds, and geoengineering on the climate of our planet.

You can download a PDF of his presentation here.

The second speaker, Trevor Williams, is a Ph.D. candidate at UVic, specialising in renewable energy, power grid modeling & plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. He has a bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering, a Masters in Management Science and over 23 years international experience in the space industry, having worked on Earth observation, & telecommunications satellites.

His first presenation, on PHEVs and the concept of the "Smart Garage" is now available for download here.

His second presentation, on the use of biofuels in aviation, may be downloaded here.