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Climate Change Showdown: The Results Are In…

What can a talking sheep, a board game, and a giant thermometer teach kids about climate change and energy use? When they’re a part of BCSEA’s Climate Change Showdown, the answer is quite a bit.

The Showdown is an in-class workshop designed for elementary schools, which challenges children to participate in a take-home contest to reduce their family’s energy use. Since 2005, the program has reached 40,000 BC students, and participation in this year’s take home contest was phenomenal.

In the four weeks following the in-class sessions:

· 3900 incandescent light bulbs were replaced with CFLs
· 1100 low-flow showerheads were installed
· 2300 families switched to washing all their clothes in cold water

…and participating families reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 0.78 tonnes.

Part of the fun of the program is that many children also come up with their own ideas to save on emissions, although certainly not all the ideas are destined to catch on: one child’s suggestion to cut the lawn down with a horsewhip was a favourite with BCSEA’s Showdown presenters. You can check out all the best energy saving ideas on BCSEA’s website (http://www.bcsea.org/learn/resources-for-educators/climate-change-showdown)

The Climate Change Showdown is the quintessential BCSEA project. Developed by members and volunteers in Kamloops, and later refined by members in Vancouver, the project is now delivered across the province, resulting in real, measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. And, of course, it’s your support that continues to make the Climate Change Showdown possible today. Thank you!

David McKee, Project Manager

BCSEA would like to thank the many sponsors who supported the Climate Change Showdown this year, including BC Hydro, the Capital Regional District, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., The Cities of Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, New Westminster, Prince George, Kamloops, and North Vancouver, and the District of West Vancouver, Thrifty’s Foods, the Victoria Foundation, Cyclepath, and Fortis BC.

Editor’s note: BCSEA would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to David McKee who has led the Climate Change Showdown project for the past two years. David is heading off to pursue other opportunities…David thank you for all your hard work!



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