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Kamloops Candidates: Thoughts on BC's Energy Future

May 12 Update:

We have the results of our election project now. The BCSEA Kamloops Chapter sent four energy-related questions to the MLA candidates on April 11. As of our deadline May 8, we had responses from Brian Alexander, Peter Sharp and Terry Lake, and today we have a late response from Kathy Kendall which is also posted below. Many thanks to these four candidates! We're very glad to have a response from each of the parties running locally.

You’ll find the questions and responses below. The candidate responses are listed in order of receipt. Make sure you open up the "more here" link at each candidate to see their full answers.

The four questions are:

  1. The province's natural gas sector is evidently booming. If elected, what will you do to ensure our province protects its natural environment and upholds its GHG reduction targets given the high environmental risks and carbon footprint associated with hydraulic fracturing (fracking)?
  2. What incentives, regulations or other stimulants/deterrents will you support to encourage more sustainable building design and retrofits, in order to reduce energy consumption and create employment in the building trades?  Some ideas here: http://greenjobsbc.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/GJBC-building-retrofits.pdf
  3. If elected, what will you do to support small-scale renewable energy project opportunities such as residential solar PV systems?
  4. What have you done in your personal life and volunteer experience towards environmental sustainability?


Candidate Responses


Brian Alexander, Independent, Kamloops South Thompson:

"As a contractor, I learnt from customers who are building new homes that they do not get any incentives or grants to install such things as geothermal heating, and solar. Though if you have a existing home, you can receive up to $10 000, it needs to be changed so all homes [especially new construction] be built with green appliances." More here

Peter Sharp, BC Conservative, Kamloops South Thompson:

" We have first stated we will restore BC Utility Commission regulatory oversight to BC Hydro. Secondly, we support solar, wind, run of river and geothermal for power as written in our policy document which is available online. Once again, any clean renewable energy programs that make sense and can build a clean tech industry here in BC are in the interests of BC residents." More here

Terry Lake, BC Liberal, Kamloops North Thompson:

"Today’s BC Liberals are now initiating a new program, PAYS BC – Pay As You Save BC. Currently in the pilot phase of development, it will be expanded to Vancouver Island and Kelowna in January 2014. This program is designed as a financing model that allows home or building owners to undertake energy efficiency or renewable energy retrofits with no upfront payment, and to pay the costs over time on their utility bill." More here

Kathy Kendall, BC NDP, Kamloops North Thompson:

"Our platform makes the following commitments...Expand energy efficiency retrofit programs for residential and commercial buildings, and dissolve the Pacific Carbon Trust to direct tens of millions of levies paid by hospitals, Crown corporations and post-secondary schools back to those public sector institutions to fund energy-efficiency upgrades." More here




Energy is a key election issue

Our new government will make far-reaching decisions about BC’s natural gas industry, strategies to achieve our greenhouse gas reduction targets, where and how additional electricity will be generated, the renewable energy sector and consumer electricity rates.

We’d like to point our readers to some excellent reporting of party platforms. One of the best resources we’ve found is an interactive tool by the Globe and Mail, where you can select a topic and then see party platform statements on that topic. It’s easy to compare the party platforms on energy policies, environment and conservation, oil and gas sector, carbon tax, transportation and others, with 32 topics in total. Compare BC Party Platforms

Please vote on Tuesday May 14! This is our best way to influence British Columbia’s future. Show the politicians that we care and hold them accountable.