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BCSEA Victoria - 2013 Projects

Over the last couple of years our monthly Chapter meetings have been going well, but some of us want BCSEA to be more active in the community.

On November 24th, the Victoria Chapter Steering Committee invited some BCSEA members, and generous participants from other organisations to come up with ideas for projects for 2013. During the day, we discussed about a dozen possibilities. They ranged from small: lend out a blower door – to large: a multi-day energy fair.

There were many great ideas, but we only had time to fill in the details for two: an energy festival, and reach-out to local high schools. 

Some of the other ideas could be taken on by any group of volunteers, so look them over and see if you're interested in any. 

We could also replicate the Kamloops Chapter's Solar Laundry Project

We're planning to describe and plan these at our Chapter meeting on January 21