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Smart Meter Radio Emission Levels in Context

Katharina Gustavs is a member of our Victoria Chapter who works as a Building Biology Environmental Consultant with her company www.buildingbiology.ca

She is a specialist in measurement of radio emissions, and has researched the smart meter program, including attending our Feb 20 meeting with BC Hydro.

Katharina has given us the attached table of radio transmission levels and frequencies for various devices, along with the sources, so that we can compare them with the smart meters.

We are grateful for the information, as BCSEA doesn't have the expertise to evaluate it. Please send any comments or corrections to us at info@bcsea.org and we'll pass them along to her. 

NOTE: This topic came from our Victoria Chapter meeting on smart meters: http://www.bcsea.org/blog/bruce-mackenzie/2012/02/24/bc-hydros-smart-grid