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Victoria Chapter AGM and Climate Modelling

We had a great turnout for the Victoria Chapter Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May. Our speaker, Dr. James Christian (Fisheries and Ocean Canada and Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis), played no small part in attracting a number of first time attendees interested in learning about climate modelling.

The Victoria BCSEA chapter thanks its members, the provincial board, and the steering committee for support this past year. The new steering committee members for this next year are: Michael Nation, Alison LeDuc, Nadia Ariff, Erin Carson, Denise Stocco, Bruce Mackenzie, Lynn Daniel, Peter Judd, Bruce Sellars, and Phil Rossner.

We encourage all members to participate in chapter projects, events and planning. As a community based effort, we seek your enthusiasm and input to help guide the chapter.

Dr. Christian is a carbon cycle specialist. One of the major points he taught us is the significance of the oceans in climate modeling. The oceans act as a major "sink" by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. They have already absorbed a huge fraction of anthropogenic carbon. The rate of carbon draw down from the atmosphere by oceans will change with time and temperature, and the change in ocean chemistry that results (an increase in acidity) has consequence for ocean ecosystems that will occur regardless of the climate response to increased CO2 in the atmosphere. If you missed Dr. Christian's very informative talk "Perspectives on CO2 and climate: the past and the future", or just want to go back and review the graphics, please download the PDF version of the talk below.