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BCSEA Webinars

BCSEA Webinars give the public the opportunity to engage with subject matter experts on topics of renewable energy generation, conservation and efficiency, as well as low-carbon transportation, passive housing and climate change.

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Upcoming Webinars

March 12, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm



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BCSEA is dedicated to bringing about a clean energy future for BC, while providing multiple benefits to our members.

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Past Webinars

April 2017

High Performance Housing: Better Homes for BC 

January 2017

November 2016

Solar Heat Pumps: An Opportunity for Net Zero Homes?

September 2016

Sunshine to ¢ents: Net Metering in B.C.

July 2016

Harnessing the Sun: The Future of Solar in B.C.

May 2016

Silence in the Streets: The Future of Transport in B.C.

April 2016

Clean Power Producers: Building Communities & the Green Economy in B.C.

March 2016

Global Trends in Sustainable Energy and Climate Leadership in B.C.

April 2015

Wood on the Rise - The Role of Wood Design as a Carbon Solution

March 2015

Full Charge on Electric Cars!

February 2015

The 2040 Imperative: Zero Emissions by 2040

January 2015

Tracking the Clean Energy Revolution: Boutique Goes Big

December 2014

The Site C Dam - Is There a Better Way?

November 2014

Renewable Fuels for Transport - Opportunities & Challenges to Growth 

October 2014

Solar Sauce and Zero-Carbon Coffee - How BC's Food and Beverage Industry Can Save Money and Reduce Its Climate Impact

September 2014

Geothermal Power - What is BC's Potential?

June 2014

Germany's Path Towards 100% Renewable Energy Regions

May 2014

Green Angels - Investing in a Sustainable Future

April 2014

The Future of Solar PV in BC

March 2014

Win-Win Transport Solutions

February 2014

The Carbon Bubble - Unburnable Fossil Fuels

January 2014

Climate Action at the Local Level: Community Change-Makers in British Columbia

December 2013

The Rossland Energy Diet - What are the Secrets of Their Success?

November 2013

Building a Passive House - The Practical Low-Down

October 2013

British Columbia: A Climate for Change

September 2013

100% Renewables - Roadmaps for powering states, countries, and the world with wind, water and sunlight

June 2013

Algae Biofuels: Could They Fuel the World ?

April 2013

Climate Smart: Low Carbon from Small Business

March 2013

Electric Cars: How will we pass the tipping point?

March 2013

Cargo-Bikes: Ting-a-Ling!

January 2013

Biomass Heating - This Ain't your Grandpa's Old Wood Stove

November 2012

Transforming BCs Homes - 10 Innovative Energy Efficiency Programs

October 2012

UBC – A living laboratory for sustainability

September 2012

Passive Houses in Canada and Around the World

August 2012

Charging Up - Infrastructure for electric vehicles in BC

July 2012

Our Changing Ecological Footprint

June 2012

Expanding Energy Efficiency for BC Hydro: Lessons from Industry Leaders

May 2012

Alberta to China: What's the energy return ?

April 2012

Sustainable Aviation: Is it Possible?

March 2012

WindVision 2025: Prospects for Wind Energy in British Columbia

February 2012

Transportation without Oil: 23 Steps to a Sustainable Energy Future

January 2012

Global Warming Impacts of Natural Gas Fracking

December 2010

Eco-Sense: A Modern Story of Sustainability

November 2010

Vancouver Greenest City 2020

October 2010

Energy Efficiency in Residential and Commercial Buildings

September 2010

BC’s Proposed Feed-In Tariff: Could It Be Better?

August 2010

Seven Ideas to Tackle Climate Change

July 2010

PACE Bonds - An Innovative Approach to Energy Efficiency Financing

May 2010

The Proposed Site C Dam

April 2010

Going Green: The Birth of a New Civilization with Guy Dauncey/h4>

January 2010

Electric Vehicles with Felix Kramer

December 2009

Climate Leadership & Economic Prosperity

November 2009

District Energy & Strategies for Carbon Neutral Cities

September 2009

Solar Hot Water: A Revolution for the Planet

Leading Cycling Cities: Lessons from VictoriaJuly 2009


June 2009

The Future of Transmission for Renewable Energy in BC

March 2009

Green Landlords: Tackling the Rental Housing Energy Inefficiency Conundrum

December 2008

Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles

November 2008

Using Wastewater for Heating, Cooling, and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

October 2008

Local Government: Front Lines of the Climate War

September 2008

BC Climate Action Team Report

July 2008

Worlds on Fire: BC's Red Wood Fueling our Energy Desires

June 2008

Biofuels: The Good, the Bad and the Sustainable

May 2008

Pricing Carbon: BC's New Carbon Tax

April 2008

Deep Heat: Enhanced Geothermal

March 2008

Municipal Climate Solutions

February 2008

The Future of Urban Transportation

December 2007

Greening the BC Building Code

November 2007

Wind Energy in BC

October 2007

Microhydro Power in BC

September 2007

Solar Hot Water: How Can We Accelerate the Growth of Solar Hot Water in BC?

June 2007

Tidal and Wave Power in BC

May 2007

Plug-in Hybrid EVs and Vehicle-to-Grid Power from Electric Vehicles

April 2007

The New BC Energy Plan