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Matthew Klippenstein

Board Director

Thank you for the opportunity to be considered for the Board of Directors of BCSEA. I’ve followed the organization for many years -- I purchased Guy Dauncey’s “The Climate Challenge” shortly after its publication -- and have long felt BCSEA’s grassroots strength across British Columbia distinguishes it from other environmental NGOs. To borrow from the Rocky Mountain Institute, BCSEA is less of a think tank than a “think-and-do” tank.

So when my career plans changed last year, making it possible for me to join and attempt to contribute to an environmental organization, BCSEA was a natural choice. Decarbonizing British Columbia will be an enormous, decades-long task, and while I have the greatest respect for thinkers, I’d prefer to serve the doers.

Professionally, I worked on fuel cells for about 15 years, then spent two years as a renewable energy consultant. (During these years, I gave a presentation to Metro Vancouver Waste Management committee proposing compost pickup at apartments and condos, and toured the Lower Mainland’s first net-zero house shortly after it was built.) Five years ago, I became the first person to begin chronicling the Canadian electric vehicle market, and recently joined the Fraser Basin Council to help them with their electric vehicle infrastructure efforts.

It’s not well known, but 50 years ago, Vancouver’s scenic False Creek was a highly-polluted and highly polluting industrial area. It’s now my turn to help with an even bigger clean-up, and it’s hard to think of a better group than BCSEA to offer my skills to.