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Masha Doubrovskaia

Communications Manager

Hi there!

My name is Masha Doubrovskaia and I'm currently an Undergraduate of Natural Resources and Conservation in UBC. I am excited to be a part of BCSEA Vancouver Chapter as Chair of its Communication and Marketing Subcommittee. I joined this organization to meet like-minded individuals and to get involved in the renewable energy industry. I'm particularly interested in learning more about why solar energy and more comprehensive recycling technologies are not more prevalent in BC, and becoming a part of changing that.

My current role with BCSEA is helping coordinate the marketing and awareness-raising of our events, initiatives and campaigns.  

Job Description: Chair of Communications SubCommittee

  • Regularly attend chapter steering committee meetings
  • Schedule and host meetings with Communications subcommittee as well as the Research team
  • Support the event committee’s projects
  • Schedule and delegate tasks for our social media content and other projects
  • Generally support the BCSEA’s objectives using our amazing team’s set of skills