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Denise Stocco


Denise is a founding member of the BCSEA Victoria Chapter.  She is a passionate would be planet saviour and she doesn’t give up.  She is a mother, a delighted grandmother, a former educator, passionate reader and gardener.  She likes to put her hands in the dirt - so to speak - and to get things done efficiently and well.  In her professional life she worked on and delivered programs of studies for schools, and created classroom resources.  She organized and delivered local and national workshops and conferences.  As a volunteer she is involved with several local small non profit organizations working on projects and/or being advocates for a better, cleaner, fairer world for our community, our children, our grandchildren and the earth.  Working with like-minded deeply committed volunteers gives her strength in light of the dire challenges we face, hope to focus on solutions and a sense of camaraderie and community.