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Monday, October 28, 2019
BCSEA Board of Directors

Mission Statement

The BC Sustainable Energy Association champions conservation initiatives and renewable energy while empowering British Columbians to build a clean, sustainable energy future.                 

BCSEA is an independent voice for British Columbia’s sustainable energy economy. It is founded on the strengths of not-for-profit and energy leaders who are committed to overcoming this generation’s greatest challenge: The transition to an equitable and prosperous low-carbon economy through sustainable energy.

We promote sustainable energy in BC through:

Raising awareness and understanding by amplifying success stories, providing education, and demonstrating Leadership;
Movement building by engaging the business community and fostering grassroots advocacy; and
Informing and inspiring policy leadership by engaging with government leaders, mobilizing our constituents, and participating in energy planning.

Among BC NGOs, the BCSEA is uniquely public-facing, and works alongside decision-makers and governments who are leading the energy transition to champion sustainable energy in BC.  Combined with the energy-sector business memberships it holds, BCSEA’s foundation in public engagement and chapter structure positions the organization as a collaborator that is integral to BC’s successful transition to a sustainable energy future.     

We are pleased to announce invitations for BCSEA members to stand for election to the Board at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which takes place November 23,  2019.  

As a Board member, you will be part of a team of professionals driven by the association’s vision and strategy.  You will inspire our members, chapters and the general public, and influence decision-makers.  Your ideas, skills, and dedication will help drive the organization to broaden its impact and ensure its effectiveness.  The BCSEA Board role is one of governance and oversight, as well as thought leadership and strategy.  Our staff is responsible for planning, management, and day-to-day operations.  Joining the Board is an opportunity to contribute to the team of leaders that will transition BC to a sustainable energy future.

To be eligible to become a Board Member, bylaws require you to have been a member of BCSEA in good standing for at least 3 months prior to standing for election, nominated either by the current Board or by 2 members of the BCSEA in good standing,  and in compliance with the Societies Act (2015), Parts 43, 44, and 45.  Your nomination will be screened by the Governance Committee.  Please contact members@bcsea.org if you have questions about your membership.  Board members serve a two-year term and are eligible for re-election.                   

General Skills

A leading candidate is a visionary and team player with strong planning and communication skills.  They will be passionate about and committed to BCSEA’s long-term mission.  The candidate will have meaningful connections within the community that they can leverage, will be ready to apply their skills creatively and have a strong ability to analyze and think strategically.  Experience in fundraising, business and community leadership, finance, human resources, communications, and technology are areas that will contribute to our Board of Directors.


Commit to the mission and work of BCSEA.
Perform Board governance and oversight role including:

Setting vision, mission, and strategy for BCSEA;
Overseeing and approving the budget;
Providing fiduciary oversight; and
Ensuring compliance with laws and BCSEA Constitution and Bylaws.

Serve on at least one Board committee.
Contribute to fundraising for program and projects including:

As a fundraising visionary;
As a part of a Board decision to donate annually to the BCSEA;
As an ambassador for the organization, using your existing networks; or
As an active fundraiser.

Attend monthly Board and regular committee meetings, as well as the Annual General Meeting, in person or via teleconferencing.

Serve as a knowledge center in one of:

Board governance;

Financial planning and management;


Energy policy at various government levels;

Sustainable energy technology;

Energy retrofits; or 

Energy education or energy leadership in business or BC politics.

Communication and Technology

Promote BCSEA in the community.

Time & Travel Commitment

The Board member role is a volunteer position*, which requires a minimum of three hours per month for two years, to attend and prepare for Board meetings. Board and committee meetings are held via teleconferencing.  Board members may live anywhere in BC and typically meet in person twice each year, including a strategic planning session in the spring and the AGM in the fall.

*Travel and other expenses will be reimbursed as required to perform Board duties

Benefits & Recognition

By contributing to the BCSEA as a Board of Directors member, you will:
Know that you are putting your best efforts toward shifting British Columbia to an equitable, prosperous, low-carbon economy and lifestyle;
Contribute your knowledge and leadership expertise to further our mission and goals;
Develop Board governance experience;
Further your leadership skills;
Connect with like-minded professionals who are passionate believers in our vision of a clean, sustainable energy future for BC; and
Be part of a decade-plus legacy of contributing climate and energy solutions and help transition BC into a sustainable energy future.

How to Apply/Contact

To join our team, please submit a resume and brief letter outlining your interest in joining the Board via email to applications@bcsea.org.  Please note, to be eligible to stand for election to the Board on November 23, 2019, BCSEA Bylaws require applicants to have been a member in good standing for three months prior to standing for election. Please confirm your membership and submit your application no later than November 12, 2019.  Please write members@bcsea.org if you are unsure of your membership status, or have any questions about this or any other requirement.


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