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A Visit to the Everyday Sustainable Energy Superheroes Exhibition

Paula Diaz Melo
Thursday, March 16, 2017
Thompson Rivers University student finds inspiration at the Superheroes Exhibition
Photos by Daniela Ginta: Cooking without Electricity, Using a Wonderbag! Reducing the Use of Plastic, Choose Reusable Bags and Jars! The Sunny Summer Diet: Keep it Local (foraged Saskatoon berries)


Have you ever wondered how to improve the present and the future in an incredible way? It sounds like a lot of work, but in fact it’s easier that you thought. As everyday citizens, we can really make a difference.

The BCSEA Kamloops Chapter has organized an inspiring exposition about the people in and around Kamloops, who have reduced their footprint substantially with the use of alternative energy.

img_0645.jpgThe presentation includes visual and audio material about many of these people and what they do. For example, Daniela Ginta shows us how to cook without electricity using a Wonderbag, and she uses reusable bags instead of plastic. Personally, I found interesting the way the Wonderbag is used for cooking and how this bag creates a positive social and environmental impact with the donation of one Wonderbag to a needy family in Africa for every bag purchased.

Other people in Kamloops, such as Nancy Bepple, use solar panels on the roof of a house in order to generate energy and reduce the electricity bill as much as possible. Some Sustainable Energy Superheroes drive hybrid or plug-in electric cars which reduce the fossil fuel habit; others would rather ride their bicycles to reduce their emissions.

img_0627.jpgIn my personal opinion the exposition provides every visitor with a whole range of different options regarding what a person can do to reduce impact on the environment.  You’ll see how you can take action on a daily basis.

A must-see: this exposition can be enjoyed at any time during its duration, but it’s an excellent plan to bring along a cup of coffee on a cold weekend afternoon.

Why: it will inspire and provide knowledge to transition to more eco-friendly energy use!

What you’ll see at the exposition:

  • How to use the energy of the wind to dry out your clothes
  • How to save energy while you cook
  • How to reduce emissions in your everyday commuting
  • Short interviews made by citizens about eco-energy
  • Eco friendly vehicles
  • How “Conscious Actions Promote Positive Reactions” [Brianna Powrie]
  • Tons of inspiration  

Location: Kamloops Art Gallery at 465 Victoria Street.  The Everyday Sustainable Energy Superheroes Exhibit is on the wall just past the Gallery Store.

Hours: Everyday, whenever the TNRD building is open. See Library hours here.

There’s no charge to view the exhibit!