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Solar Sparks!

Jane Devonshire (Guest Blogger)
Thursday, February 9, 2017

We recently installed solar panels on our roof and I have never seen my hubby so excited and animated in such a long time. He had been fretting over the increasing cost of our hydro and the spectre of Site-C sending our hydro bills soaring.

It was an awesome feeling when within our first 24 hours of hookup we had produced an incredible 13 KWH of electricity and this was in February! We were tickled pink and awed to be harnessing the power of the sun. The panels are connected to a computer program which can read out our production every 15 minutes. All day long Phil would be running up to me like an excited little kid showing me how much energy we had produced that day. The added beauty of this system is, that in the summer, when we produce way more than we consume this goes back onto the grid and we get credited for it. It is used to offset some of our heavier usage in the winter. If we have any unused credit at the end of the year we will get a rebate on it from BC Hydro.

When we originally started looking at going solar, we did it for altruistic reasons but as hydro bills continue to rise we see now that it will soon pay for itself. Also, if we should ever sell our house it would up our home value significantly because it is such a desirable feature to have.

What is most priceless however, is the feel good feeling we get knowing we are reducing our carbon footprint and doing our little bit to help look after our oh so precious planet. 


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