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Site C: A Great Disappointment

December 16, 2014. 

The BC Sustainable Energy Association is disappointed by the government's approval of Site C.

“Before making its decision on Site C, the government should have ordered BC Hydro to update its Integrated Resource Plan and submitted it to the BC Utilities Commission for a thorough public review,” said Nigel Protter, Executive Director of the BC Sustainable Energy Association. “Technologies like wind and solar power are developing rapidly and dropping in cost. They could still be cost effective alternatives that don’t flood valley bottom agricultural land.”

BCSEA believes the government is being financially imprudent in proceeding with Site C without an independent financial review. The dam is already 5.5% more expensive than BC Hydro’s previous estimate.

“It is financially imprudent to proceed with Site C based on BC Hydro’s cost estimate,” said Tom Hackney, Policy Director of the Association. “Nine billion dollars is a lot of money to invest without the independent public scrutiny that the BC Utilities Commission can provide.”

 “There would be greater economic and social benefits from a number of smaller developments located in different areas of the province than with the Site C mega-project,” said Guy Dauncey, Communications Director of the Association. “These would provide more opportunities for partnerships and investment by First Nations and local communities.“

For a detailed assessment, see: https://www.bcsea.org/policy/site-c-there-better-way