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Seven essential books on energy and climate change

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Thursday, July 26, 2018
Edouard Stenger
Blog on Medium.com
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Looking for a summer read with a bit more substance than the latest mystery novel? These seven books are loaded with it. They probably won’t make you shiver, but they will give you insight into the greatest threat facing our planet as well as clear steps that can be taken to address it. Going for carbon neutrality would not only avert the suffering and deaths of million of people in the not-so-distant future, it would also save lives in the present.

Of the dozens of books I’ve read on these topics, I am selecting seven of them, each of which bring interesting information. The books are listed by their publication date. They are easily accessible to the general public and do not need require a graduate degree to understand what is at stake. All point out to one certainty: Humankind has the technological tools to fix this crisis.

This should cover your summer reads needs in an ample manner. Enjoy !

Sustainable energy — without the hot air (2008)

David J. C. MacKay’s early deep dive into sustainable energy is a great introduction to key energy concepts. Even better, you can read it online or download it for free, either in its entirety or chapter by chapter.

The author was an engineering professor at Cambridge and the Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change and was knighted by the Queen for his work. Because MacKay believed in“numbers, not adjectives” his book doesn’t argue for or against any solution and even presents controversial nuclear and clean coal as potential solutions.

Verdict: Sustainable Energy does show its age a bit, as some things have changed in the last ten years.… Nuclear energy has become uneconomic if not exhorbitant and clean coal is still not a reality (although this might change).

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