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Saving BC Unicorns, This Time For Real

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Karina Jorgensen-Fullam
BCSEA Vancouver Chapter
Some of the EN4S team after a meeting.

Hi, I’m Karina, a somewhat shy but nonetheless enthusiastic high school student passionate about the environment. I’ve felt drawn to nature,and preserving it, my whole life. When I was in the first grade I found out that a forest near my house was going to be cut down to allow for the development of townhomes. To stop this frightening act, myself and my closest friends decided we would dress up as woodland creatures, make signs, and go to the build site for a protest. I chose to dress as my favorite woodland creature: a unicorn.

I’m sure my “save the unicorns” sign was incredibly effective. Despite being centered around slightly misguided childhood hope, this memory has stuck with me ever since, serving as a sort of motivator to remind myself that I am capable of making a difference. It is this memory and its motivating factors, which remind me that I am in charge of my own future, that led me to join the BC Sustainable Energy Association.

I joined BCSEA the same week that last year’s hackathon, “HallowHacks”, was in full swing. I was immediately intrigued as I’d never heard of a hackathon, much less been to one. After the huge success that was HallowHacks 2018, BCSEA members decided they wanted to expand the initiative into a full green-entrepreneurship support force for the new year. When I heard that BCSEA wanted to put together a team to plan a bigger and better hackathon, I felt compelled to join.

I was unsure what skills I possessed that could be helpful in planning an event like this, but I hoped that a fresh perspective and positive attitude would be a good start.

I walked into my first meeting feeling a little bit intimidated, and I very quickly learned that there were more words besides ‘hackathon’ that I’d never heard of. Sitting in a very professional spinning office chair, hearing words like “syndication” and phrases like “Minimum Viable Product” casually tossed around the room, I began to question whether this room was, in fact, a room in which I belonged.

As the meeting progressed, I began to feel more comfortable, a sentiment that was greatly improved by some inviting snacks as well as very supportive teammates. Later on that evening, I even worked up the courage to contribute an idea or two. My brief moment of courage grew into confidence after my ideas received more than a few nods and words of encouragement.

All the meetings I’ve attended since then have left me feeling even more motivated, supported, and as though I’m really helping to create a positive impact on our environment. That first meeting, it was decided that my role in this project would primarily involve generating engagement for this year’s hackathon, EN4S, so here I am writing to you hoping to catch your attention and maybe even generate some engagement with my wit and charm.

Another part of my role, one that I’ve just begun to take on, is getting the BCSEA Vancouver instagram page up and running, so if you or someone you know might interested in participating in EN4S, or even if you just want to learn more about BCSEA and our other initiatives, check in with @bcsea.vancouver on instagram in the next couple weeks! We will also be releasing an EN4S related video soon, as well as providing monthly EN4S updates on the BCSEA website, so stay tuned!

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