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Message from the Board Chair

Jonathan Ho
Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Message from the Board Chair

Greetings to my fellow sustainable energy ... enthusiasts?  Evangelists? True believers? The BCSEA is a unique organization in the sustainable energy field.  We are not clean energy producers, nor are we building system experts.  While many of us are engineers or technical experts in our professional capacities, that's not we do within the BCSEA.

The Board has been looking at how we can better articulate what it means to be part of the BC Sustainable Energy Association.  While this might seem a bit like "corporate marketing", it serves a purpose - stating clearly what the BCSEA is, and why we exist - guides how we, as an organization can make a difference in combating climate change.  If you are pondering, whether to be a member, volunteer for a Chapter event, give a charitable donation, join a Chapter Steering Committee, or become an Environmental Educator, knowing who BCSEA is will bring clarity to your choice. 

By building on an identity that is truest to our mission, we ensure we devote our energy, efforts, and resources towards initiatives and actions that really matter, while avoiding diluting those efforts by doing something that is not core to BCSEA.

After a very successful Energy Connections 2019 where we engaged with members of our community, the Board got together to decide how best to describe what we do.  What is written in our constitution is perfectly fine - if you are writing something to meet Canada Revenue Agency requirements for a charitable organization.  But it lacks...something that you can act on.  

That's when it dawned on us – action was the missing piece! 

Who are we? The BC Sustainable Energy Association is a network of action takers supporting sustainable energy policy, innovation and education in British Columbia.

Why do we exist? A 100% sustainably powered British Columbia.

What is our mission?  To become the go-to resource for advancing energy literacy in the province of British Columbia. 

By providing energy literacy, the BCSEA transforms individuals and organizations to transition from "planners" to action takers,  We no longer need to convince people why a transition to 100% sustainable energy is necessary - we need to accelerate it. Through our BCUC interventions, our digital tools and information, the Cool It! Program, active Chapters, and events like EC2019, we are enabling British Columbians to become part of our network of action takers.

As Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate change activist, would surely agree with, it is the action that is lacking.  Being a BCSEA member, donor and/or volunteer, of the BCSEA you are committed to taking action.