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Message from the Board Chair - Jonathan Ho

Thursday, September 24, 2020

In project management, we have a saying: “No plan survives first contact with implementation”.  It’s a recognition that no matter how much you think you’ve thought through everything, you won’t know what you didn’t think of until you try and implement it.

With the return to school for K-12 students, I was planning to write about having students back in the classroom coincides with renewed interest in BCSEA’s Cool It! Program.  It’s been so popular, in fact, that we have a waiting list of over 20 schools to participate this year...

As of this morning, this plan did not survive first contact with implementation.  We received an unexpected, although widely speculated on, piece of news: British Columbians are going to the polls on October 24, 2020.

The BCSEA has a simple goal: the sustainable production, distribution, and consumption of energy in British Columbia and beyond.  To achieve this, we engage in many activities, from behavioural change activities such as Cool It!, to interventions at the BC Utilities Commission, to our active Chapters helping British Columbians adopt sustainably powered lives.

During the run up to the October 24 vote, you can rely on the BCSEA to advocate for those policies that will get us towards achieving the goal of a 100% sustainably powered province.  

As a charitable organization, the BCSEA cannot, and does not, support or oppose specific political parties or candidates. We can, and do, advocate for specific policies and topics that will help BC become a sustainable energy leader.  These specific policies and topics can be asked of all candidates and political parties - their responses can be considered by our members, and the general public, when casting their vote.

Stay tuned to our various social media channels as the election period unfolds for more information. No matter what happens in the run-up to October 24, the BCSEA encourages all eligible British Columbians to vote, as this is amongst the many meaningful actions you can take to achieve our goal of a 100% sustainably powered province.