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Kamloops Chapter Active Despite Social Distancing

Cheryl Kabloona
Tuesday, June 9, 2020

In mid-March when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, the Kamloops Chapter was planning on doing two Electric Vehicle shows but of course those had to be cancelled.  We’ve been looking for other ways to advance our mandate during the pandemic and recently found one thing: offering recommendations to local decision-makers through writing letters.

The first letter went to Kamloops Mayor Ken Christian for his Task Force on Economic Recovery and Renewal, suggesting that they aim for a “green recovery” that is climate-friendly, resilient and healthy for all Kamloops residents.  Councillor Arjun Singh is the Task Force’s liaison with the not-for-profit sector and will speak on our behalf.  We appreciate this opportunity to offer our ideas to the Task Force and wish them well in their efforts.  Read the first letter here

The second letter concerns the draft Community Climate Action Plan that is in development by the City of Kamloops. The draft plan requires a City Council workshop (Committee of the Whole) before staff can proceed with public engagement. The workshop was originally scheduled for March, has been postponed a couple of times due to the pandemic and was recently re-scheduled for October 2020.  

Members of the Kamloops Chapter were disappointed at the long wait for this important plan to move ahead, so we wrote a letter urging City Council to hold their workshop sooner than October. Read the second letter here.  Luckily for us, several of the Councillors were thinking the same thing and the draft Community Climate Action Plan happened to be part of the June 2 City Council agenda. We were delighted that a motion to hold the meeting “in the summer of 2020” passed easily.  We look forward to learning more details about the proposed plan and offering our feedback and ideas.