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FortisBC Inc.'s 2019-2022 DSM Expenditure Schedule

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

On March 4, 2019, the BC Utilities Commission accepted FortisBC Inc.'s 2019-2022 demand-side management expenditure schedule, as supported by BCSEA and SCBC. The DSM budget is for $44-million over the four-year period. This spending envelope is slightly higher than FBC anticipated in its most recent (2016) long-term resource plan, due to new efficiency programs for cannabis production facilities. 

The commission panel specifically endorsed a "demand response" pilot project that SCBC and BCSEA supported. The project will test the practical possibilities for reducing a participating customer's peak load to reduce the utility's cost of meeting peak load (borne by all ratepayers). The panel also approved certain details supported by SCBC and BCSEA, such as a rule allowing FBC to transfer unused budget room from one year to the next. However, the panel declined to approve FBC's request to extend the amortization period for DSM expenditures from ten years to fifteen years. FBC is required to report annually to the commission on its actual DSM spending and electricity savings.     


BCUC proceeding re FBC 2019-2022 DSM: https://www.bcuc.com/ApplicationView.aspx?ApplicationId=644

BCUC decision and order G-47-19 re FBC 2019-2022 DSM: https://www.bcuc.com/Documents/Proceedings/2019/DOC_53517_G-47-19%20-Dec...

BCSEA-SCBC Final Argument: https://www.bcuc.com/Documents/Arguments/2018/DOC_52936_2018-11-27-BCSEA...

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