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Fleet EV Charging Rates Approved by BCUC

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Thursday, March 26, 2020
Bill Andrews
British Columbia Utilities Commission

Fleet EV Charging Rates Approved by BCUC

March 26, 2020

The BC Utilities Commission today approved two new optional rates for electricity service by BC Hydro to operators of charging stations for fleets of electric vehicles or vessels. The new rates are aimed at reducing GHG emissions in the transportation sector by encouraging customers to convert their fleet vehicles and vessels from fossil fuels to clean/renewable electricity.

The Overnight Rate is for fleet vehicles and vessels charged in a depot overnight. The Demand Transition Rate is for fleet EVs that are charged “in route” during the day, such as transit buses charged at bus stops. The new rates are intended to incent fleet owners to convert to electricity: fleet EVs of these types don’t yet exist in BC. Potential participants include TransLink, BC Transit, and the Vancouver Port Authority, who supported the new rates.

BCSEA intervened in the Commission’s proceeding and argued in favour of the new rates. See: https://www.bcsea.org/bcsea-news/bcsea-supports-fleet-electrification-rates. The Commission Panel agreed with BC Hydro, supported by BCSEA, that the new rates would not financially harm other ratepayers. Of interest, the Panel rejected another intervener’s argument that the rates should be approved if they promote low-carbon electrification even if the rates don’t satisfy cost of service or economic tests.

By Bill Andrews, BCSEA’s lawyer in BCUC proceedings


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