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Energy Connections 2017 - Learn how you can do more with less, at Session 3

Marco Sanelli
Thursday, February 23, 2017

With Session 1 focusing on the political landscape of renewable energy and Session 2 looking into renewable energy success stories, Session 3 of Energy Connections 2017 will dive into the realm of energy conservation and efficiency. In simple terms, the concepts of conservation and efficiency can be summed up as: “doing more with less”. More specifically, energy conservation is the act of saving energy by reducing a service. The session has been designed to showcase examples of energy efficiency and conservation retrofits which have saved companies, families and communities tens of thousands of dollars and continue to do so. BCSEA is proud to bring you 4 inspiring speakers who have been pushing the limits of the achievable in energy conservation and efficiency.

michael_small.pngModerating the esteemed panel of speakers will be the President and Senior Engineer of Energy Revolution Services, Michael Pullinger. He has been involved in projects ranging from energy modelling, mechanical design, energy retrofits, hydropower, biogas, wind, and solar. In his spare time, he completed postgraduate degrees in electrical engineering and renewable energy and served four years on the BCSEA Board, including two as Chair. Michael with certainly excel as an enthusiastic and engaging moderator for Session 3.

andrea_small.pngOur first speaker will be Andrea Linsky, Program Head of Sustainable Energy Management Program at BCIT. Andrea has been an active presence in the field of energy management and renewables since 2007. She began her career in hydrogen fuel cells, and has since moved on to energy management in both non-profit and educational institutions. As Program Head at BCIT she now leads all of the educational initiatives in the Center for Energy Systems Applications at BCIT including the SEMAC program.

areef_small.pngNext up we have Areef Abraham, President & CEO of Community Power. As a mechanical engineer he has dedicated the past 25 years to working in the energy efficiency sectors in Canada, US and UK. In 2005, Areef joined Simon Fraser’s Learning Strategies Group as their First Nations and Energy lead. Over the past ten years, Areef has developed Community Power into the ‘go to’ company for communities who want to purposefully reduce and manage energy costs.

gillian_small.pngOur third and final speaker will be Gillian Aubie Vines, Principal of Pinna Sustainability. Gillian has been involved in many projects that bridge science with planning and public awareness including climate change and adaptation plans, strategic sustainability and implementation plans, project implementation. Currently, a main component of her work involves working with the Coastal First Nations to support their progress towards fossil free energy security. In this role, she has supported nations to develop clean energy projects, become more energy efficient, improve local training and leadership opportunities.

Session 3 will demonstrate the recent advancements in the field of energy efficiency and conservation. Through understanding the successes of BC’s energy efficiency and conservation installs, you’ll learn how to reap the benefits and savings through retrofitting your home, community building or place of business. The panelists will provide examples of what has been achieved in the past, and what can be achieved in the future.

Interested? Take a look at the Energy Connections 2017 website for more details on what's in store for the day!


Marco Sanelli is a 4th year student in the Natural Resource Conservation major in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC.