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Energy Connections 2017 - Closing the day with Session Four

Marco Sanelli
Friday, March 3, 2017

A culmination of all of the day’s sessions, Session Four will take an inspiring spin on addressing the barriers that are limiting the potential of many small communities across BC. Beginning with a pragmatic approach to the reality of limited finances and collective will, our panel of esteemed speakers will demonstrate the current avenues and opportunities to bring about change in your community. Each speaker brings extensive experience of long-standing success in uniting communities towards the beneficial transition to sustainable energy. BCSEA is pleased to bring Energy Connections 2017 to a close on such a high note!

josha_smallest.pngThe final session will be moderated by none other than Josha MacNab, Regional Director of the Pembina Institute. Her work supports B.C.’s transition to a clean energy economy by exploring solutions that can help the province remain an economically competitive climate leader. Josha has strong connections to local governments across B.C. through her work supporting local climate action. We look forward to her exceptional moderating capabilities throughout the course of the session.  

christine_small.jpgOur first speaker will be Christine Carter, BC Sales & Marketing Manager of Bullfrog Power. Since helping launch Bullfrog in BC in 2009, Christine has been instrumental in building the Bullfrog community across the province. In addition to introducing innovative green energy products to the BC market, Christine has built local partnerships which have led to Bullfrog’s support of five community solar PV projects.

bensmall.pngNext up we have Ben West, Founder of the Great Climate Race. Ben has several years of experience as an environmental campaigner for groups the like of Stand and the Wilderness Committee. Ben will undoubtedly contribute his enthusiasm and passion for environmental justice to the empowering discussions.

kai_small.pngLast and certainly not least, we have Kai Nagata, Communications Director with the Dogwood Initiative. In this position, Kai is striving toward bringing together everyday British Columbians in embracing their decision-making power over the environment and the economy.

Together the panelists will discuss how you can rejuvenate community interest in sustainability and ignite a passion for change in your neighborhood. They will look at the many different financing and funding mechanisms that can support community sustainability initiatives, exchange inspiring stories and discuss with the audience on what particular solutions would work best in certain communities.

The ultimate aim of the session is to take what has been learnt throughout the day and apply it to your local community. We want you to leave Energy Connections 2017 inspired and ready to bring about change in your community. With your newfound industry connections, knowledge and inspiration you will leave the event fully equipped and ready to join the rising wave of change in BC.  

Online registration has closed, but tickets are still on sale at the door! 

We can't wait to see you at Energy Connections 2017. The day is set to be incredible.

See you there!


Marco Sanelli is a 4th year student in the Natural Resource Conservation major in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC.