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Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Karina Jorgensen-Fullam
BCSEA Vancouver Chapter

Less than a year ago, in October of 2018, the BCSEA Vancouver Chapter gathered together 30 aspiring entrepreneurs for an event titled “HallowHacks” to find solutions to the sustainable energy challenges of today’s world. This two-day long team competition featured loud brainstorming sessions, resourceful mentors, top-tier competition judges, good food to fuel the brains, and of course, fabulous prizes to be won. In the end, the hard work of these aspiring entrepreneurs paid off; brilliant ideas were formed, each one with the ability to transform multiple industries.

Our dedicated team of volunteers began planning this event with little more than a passion for sustainable energy and one overarching goal: to accelerate the growth of the sustainable energy industry through entrepreneurship.

With the same goal in mind, we have come up with this year’s initiative: Entrepreneurs for Sustainability, or EN4S for short (read as “Enforce”). EN4S was created with the idea of building on the success brought by HallowHacks; however, EN4S is placing an even greater emphasis on providing participants with valuable skills they can use to become successful in the world of entrepreneurship. In addition, EN4S will be a month-long event, as opposed to HallowHacks’ two days, which will give participants the time to grow, find good teammates, and develop their abilities before tackling sustainable energy issues. All in all, EN4S will promote awareness and engagement in sustainable energy, and will have the added bonus of creating network and career building opportunities for its participants.

We’re incredibly excited about this initiative, and we hope that after reading this you are too. Stay tuned: more updates on EN4S coming soon! In the meantime, you are most absolutely welcome to reach out to us if you would like to help out at vancouver@bcsea.org (mention EN4S in the email subject).

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