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BCSEA calls on BCUC to facilitate EV fast charging stations by BC Hydro and FBC

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Thursday, March 28, 2019
William J. Andrews

BCSEA and SCBC submitted their final written argument in Phase Two of the BC Utilities Commission's inquiry into electric vehicle charging services (EVCS)  today.

The welcome outcome of Phase One was an order exempting providers of public EVCS, other than regulated public utilities, from cumbersome regulation by the BCUC. The focus of Phase Two is on what principles the Commission should apply to BC Hydro and FortisBC-electric as they roll out public DC fast charging stations.   

Highlights of BCSEA's and SCBC's argument include:

  • support for BC Hydro and FBC recovering net costs of public DCFC service (after revenue from EV drivers) from all ratepayers, subject to reasonable limits,
  • opposition to limiting BC Hydro and FBC to providing EVCS only in remote locations (which would defeat the purpose of kick-starting the EV sector in BC),
  • support for the price of BC Hydro's and FBC's DCFC service to EV drivers being set more to boost usage and revenues than to fully recover costs, and
  • support for BC Hydro and FBC to adopt industry-accepted open standards for data communication.   

BCSEA and SCBC emphasized that the Commission's regulation of EV charging services should aim to reduce GHG emissions in BC by rapidly expanding the use of electric vehicles in all transportation sectors, including passenger, light commercial and heavy duty.  


BCSEA-SCBC Final Argument, BCUC EVCS Inquiry Phase Two: http://www.bcuc.com/Documents/Arguments/2019/DOC_53678_2019-03-28-BCSEA-...

BCUC EVCS Phase Two Proceeding: https://www.bcuc.com/ApplicationView.aspx?ApplicationId=653

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