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BCSEA – Victoria Chapter – 2020 BC general election

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Friday, October 9, 2020
Tom Hackney, Policy Advisor for BCSEA

Many of BC’s political leaders are already talking about promoting renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions.

An important next step in this election is to get clearer policies from candidates to decarbonize our energy use, with specific commitments for the next four years.

The Victoria Chapter has teamed up with For Our Kids, For Our Grandkids, and Parents 4 Climate to send five questions to local candidates:

If elected …

  • will you work to stop subsidizing fossil fuels and put that money toward immediately reducing GHG’s to provide a greener future for our children?
  • what steps would you take in the upcoming term to address fossil fuel production and exports in BC?
  • what actions you will you by 2024 to get BC back on track in meeting legislated emission reduction targets?
  • what would you do to shift spending away from highway expansions and into public transit, cycling, and walking?
  • how will you improve relations and respect for Indigenous rights in BC? 

Answers will be published on the Victoria Chapter Facebook page and at forourkids.ca.

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