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BC Hydro - Transmission Service Rate F2020 and F2021 Pricing Principles Extension - Granted by order G-39-19

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Tom Hackney

The BC Utilities Commission, after consultation with stakeholders, has approved without hearing a two-year extension to the pricing principles for BC Hydro's Transmission Service Rate (TSR) (i.e. the two-tiered inclining block rate serving large industrial customers). 

BCSEA and the Association of Major Power Customers both supported this measure. BC Hydro had been preparing an application for a public review of the TSR, but given the provincial government’s current Comprehensive Review of BC Hydro (Phase 2), Hydro sought a delay.

The status quo for the TSR, now confirmed for two more years, is that any rate increase will be applied such that each of the two tiers will increase by the same percentage.

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