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Advance Sustainable Energy with your BCSEA Membership

With a BCSEA Membership you are joining a huge network of businesses, individuals and organizations, and helping B.C. transition to a carbon-free future.

BCSEA Membership for individuals and businesses

Individual Member Benefits

Joining BCSEA as a member brings with it a host of advantages. These are just some of our members' most enjoyed benefits:

  • Local Chapter Participation. Become part of your local Chapter’s steering committee, take part in chapter events, and engage with the sustainable energy community.
  • Access to the BCSEA Job Board. Find your dream job in BC's booming renewable energy industry through our exclusive Job Board.
  • Access to BCSEA's archive of educational webinars. Expand your knowledge of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability through our massive archive of recorded webinars.
  • Opportunity to join a huge network of people within a booming industry. You will have the chance to meet, face to face, with industry leading professionals, business executives and thought leaders.

*Membership rates are subject to change without notice

 I really enjoy volunteering with BCSEA and I find the work very rewarding. I joined BCSEA because I saw a unique non-profit organization bringing together passionate citizens with experts and industry leaders who are at the leading edge of the sustainable energy transition happening around the world. By working with the Vancouver Chapter I’ve met wonderful people, learned a lot, and pulled off some amazing events that raised the bar for dialogue around sustainable energy transition. I think BCSEA is a great group to join for anyone with a passion for environmental sustainability."
James Boak, Member and Vancouver Chapter Chair

Become an Individual BCSEA Member

$ 30
$2.50 /per month
$ 120
$10.00 /per month
$ 75
$6.25 /per month


Corporate Member Benefits

Our business members have praised the benefits of being a BCSEA member. These are the key benefits our business members stand to gain:

  • New Member promotion, through a profile highlight in the BCSEA Newsletter and promoted through all of our social media channels.
  • Promotion of events, NPAs, content and blogs through our widely circulated newsletter and huge social media audience consisting of:
    • 5,000+ followers on Facebook
    • 6,000+ followers on Twitter
    • 730+ followers on LinkedIn
    • 3,000+ subscribers to our mailing list
  • Addition of your company to our business member directory, the port of call for consumers interested in clean tech and sustainable energy companies.
  • Access to event and webinar sponsorship opportunities, connecting you directly with potential customers and other stakeholders.
  • Up to 5 job listings on the BCSEA Job Board, advertising your job opportunities to BCSEA members.
  • Employee Membership. We are proud to provide membership to your employees with the following tiers:
    • Business Tier III: 10 employee memberships
    • Business Tier II: 5 employee memberships
    • Business Tier I: 2 memberships
    • Community and Public Groups: 2 memberships

*Membership rates are subject to change without notice

 Novo Solar Systems has been a member of the BCSEA since we opened our business. The BCSEA is relatively inexpensive to join, it's a great way to attract business and keep up with the industry. We have had clients contact us that found us through the BCSEA website and we have made numerous professional and media connections through the BCSEA. We have had the opportunity to meet with the BCSEA administration and contribute to projects that directly affect our industry and it is always a fun a positive experience. The renewable energy industry is an exciting place to be and being a member of the BCSEA helps Novo Solar Systems make the most of it!"

Choose your Business BCSEA Membership Plan

Business Tier I
$ 300
Businesses with 1 to 9 employees
Business Tier II
$ 500
Businesses with 10 to 49 employees
Business Tier III
$ 1 000
Businesses with 50 or more employees
Community and Public Groups
$ 200
Schools, Nonprofit Organizations, First Nations Bands and Municipalities