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BCSEA Kamloops Speaks Up On Trans Mountain Pipeline

Cheryl Kabloona
Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why would another pipeline be needed when we’re in the beginning stages of a global transition to renewable energy?  That’s what the Kamloops Chapter of the BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA Kamloops) has said in its letter to the National Energy Board (NEB).  We invite you to read the attached letter with its two appendices, below.

The NEB is currently reviewing an application by Kinder Morgan to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline with a second, larger pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby.  The combined volume would triple to 890,000 barrels per day.  Kamloops is one of many communities along the route of the existing pipeline and the proposed second pipeline.

The NEB will not consider climate change in its decision.  Of the twelve issues that will be considered, BCSEA Kamloops focussed on two: the need for the second pipeline and its potential environmental and socio-economic effects.  The Kamloops Chapter was approved as a commenter early in 2014 and has now submitted a letter to the NEB.

The letter describes how the world is shifting away from fossil fuels, towards renewable energy sources.  Cheryl Kabloona, Kamloops Chapter chair, says “This touches the heart of our mission. There’s a lot of evidence that we CAN power our civilization with renewables and the transition is underway.  We’re at a historic turning point.  The oil industry is short-sighted in thinking that there’s need for another pipeline to transport more and more oil from the oil sands.  That only perpetuates the 20th century way of doing things, when the world is now turning to renewable energy.  I think readers will be surprised to learn how fast this is happening.”   

The NEB is scheduled to make its final recommendation to the federal government in January, 2016.