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Alyson Culbert


Candidate for Victoria

Party:  People's Party of Canada

Website: http://www.victoriappc.ca/candidate

1. “Green” screen for federal infrastructure spending

Q:  Would you support transparent “green” screening for federal infrastructure spending, in particular the objective ranking of GHG emissions reductions, so that projects proposed to receive federal tax dollars can be prioritized according to their effectiveness at supporting climate action goals?

A:  Our party does not currently prioritize any one solution. However, because of our stance on government subsidies, we would sell the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

2. Immediate end to fossil fuel subsidies

Q: Would you support an immediate end to taxpayer subsidies for fossil fuel projects, including tax breaks and preferential exemptions from carbon pricing?

A:  Our party holds a strong position against all corporate subsidies. We would support an immediate end to fossil fuel subsidies.

3. Less spending on urban highway expansions; more on public transit

Q: Would you support shifting federal infrastructure spending away from urban highway expansions to lower- or zero-emissions transportation modes like public transit—including electrified public transit—as committed to in the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change?

A: We do not have a specific policy in this area. I would work with all jurisdictions involved to support local and regional goals.

4. Building efficiency upgrade tax credit

Q: Would you support giving a federal tax deduction or credit to taxpayers who retrofit their homes or places of business to use less energy or who switch from fossil fuel powered heating systems to electric heat pumps?

A:  We would prefer to reduce taxes, allowing people to have more of their own money. Given Canadians' preferences, many would use the money for energy efficient home improvements. The energy cost savings of the improvements themselves, is an incentive.

5. Support for municipalities to implement GHG reduction and renewable energy plans

Q: Many municipalities are showing leadership on climate action and renewable energy commitments, but they often lack the resources to make proper plans. Would you support using federal funds to support municipalities to develop and implement plans to reduce their communities’ GHG emissions and switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy?

A: We feel it is better for the provinces to collect more of the taxes directly, reducing bureaucracy and inter-jurisdictional confusion, in order to have more autonomy and accountability over spending in these areas. In this way, provinces don't have to continually beg the federal government for more of its own money back.

6. “Green” economy transition

Q: Do you support federal policies and support for shifting Canada’s economy away from activities that cause large amounts of GHG emissions and toward a low carbon, “green” economy? If so, what priorities would you support in this area?

A:  We would cut the subsidies currently offered to the oil industry. Given the size of those subsidies and the potential for a subsidy to artificially maintain an industry past its due, I would say this is a significant change. Our priority is to address the 215 billion litres of raw sewage still being dumped into Canadian waterways each year.