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BC Provincial Government

The BC Sustainable Energy Association is actively engaged with the development of provincial energy policy recommendations.

BC Parliament building in Victoria

Much of our policy work is at the provincial level. The BC Sustainable Energy Association engages the Government of BC by meeting with politicians of all parties and with senior staff in government ministries. We provide advice and policy research documents, ranging from sustainable energy vision statements to detailed analyses of policy proposals. We provide government input on critical issues, regulations and product standards. And we communicate our work to the public, so that British Columbians can show government their support for sustainable energy policies.

Below is a listing of files and documents describing policies and solutions that will help the provincial government lead BC towards a sustainable energy future, for example the BCSEA policy committee submission to the Premier's Alternative Energy and Power Task Force, entitled Sustainable Energy Solutions for BC, showing how BC could produce 84,000 GWh of green energy within 30 years from a firm commitment to embrace sustainable energy technologies, generating over 400,000 jobs.

The BCSEA is also a member of Organizing for Change: Priorities for Environmental Leadership, a project of 13 leading environmental groups, supported by thousands British Columbians from every corner of the province. Together, we are developing more robust, focused and effective approaches to advancing environmental policy initiatives in British Columbia. This year, we are supporting the following key policies: Protecting BC’s At-Risk Species; Championing Climate Solutions; Turning Away from Coalbed Methane; Smarter Salmon Farming. For more information please visit the Priorities for Environmental Leadership website.

Policy Documents

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