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SolarBC was a program of BCSEA from 2008 to 2013 whereby rebates were provided for the installation of solar hot water systems on individual homes, government buildings, social housing, and schools and in First Nations communities. BCSEA developed a network of 32 Solar Communities that continue to promote the use of solar technologies. Along with our Solar Communities, BCSEA engaged all levels of government, nonprofits and industry stakeholders, collaborating to make solar hot water commonplace in BC.
In 2011 - 2012, SolarBC conducted pilot projects to find ways to use solar technologies more cost effectively, monitoring the energy output from solar hot water systems already installed in BC to provide real data for leveraging future funding, contributing to a First Nations solar mentoring program, and continuing to work with Solar Communities to improve the regulatory environment for installation of solar technologies.
A few of the tangible outcomes from SolarBC are a measurable reduction in CO2 and other high-pollutant greenhouse gas emissions; displacement of traditional electricity and natural gas; generation of electricity; creation of jobs; economic growth in communities; and the creation of Solar Communities across the province.

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