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Future Headings

Please be patient - our heads are buried in policy-land...

What is 'Policy", and what is the BCSEA's Role?

BCSEA Developed Policies

The Site C Dam

2015 Budget Submission

BC's Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure

BC's Carbon Tax (2012)

Pay-As-You-Save (2012)

Smart Green Taxation (2010)

The Proposed BC Feed-In Tariff: BCSEA’s Response (2010)

Ten Barriers to Small-Scale Renewable Energy (2010)

Green Energy Advisory Task Force Submission (2010)

Run-of-River Hydro Developments (2008)

Climate Action team Final Report (2008)

Climate Action Team Input (2007)

Provincial Government

Federal Goverment

BCSEA at the BC Utilities Commission

  • BC Hydro's Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) (2013)

  • Revenue Requirements Application [electricity rate increase] (2012)

  • Demand-Side Measures [energy conservation] Expenditure Schedule (2012)

  • Dawson Creek – Chetwynd Area Transmission Project (2011)

  • John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project (2012)

  • Net metering re-pricing application (2011)

  • FortisBC Energy Utilities (gas) Revenue Requirements and Natural Gas Rates Application (2011)

  • FortisBC Energy Efficiency and Conservation stakeholder group


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