Climate Change Showdown

Book the Climate Change Showdown in your classroom and let us inspire, educate and entertain your class.


*Roy Kanda’s Grade 7 class, Kathleen McNeely Elementary, Richmond BC, 2010-11.

The BC Sustainable Energy Association can help teach your students about climate change and the many solutions available to address this problem. The Climate Change Showdown encourages team work within the classroom and at home. Students work collaboratively with their families to reduce energy use while learning about positive and negative environmental consequences that result from individual and societal actions and behaviours.

The Climate Change Showdown includes:

    • Climate Change Games played in the classroom
    • The Climate Change Show video/DVD
    • Pre and post-program material for more in-depth learning
    • Guided worksheets and storytelling methods to learn about climate change
    • Students take-home the Climate Change Showdown Contest with actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the province to reach reduction goals while having fun and giving students a chance to win prizes (available in English and French)

The program is free for schools (funded by our supporters) and takes 90 minutes to deliver in class.

Program Information

Program Manager: Renate Sitch, | 604-564-0016
For Further Information and Frequently Asked Questions see Climate Change Showdown FAQ's

Donate to the Climate Change Showdown and help us create more Energy Superheroes!
With a $5,000 tax deductible donation, we can educate over 200 students and reduce approximately 150 tonnes of greenhouse gaes from your community. For $1,500, we can educate 60 students and reduce GHGs by 40 tonnes.

For information on personal donations, click here.
For information on business and corporate donations, click here.

Or, for information on donating used small electronics (cell phones, digital cameras), click here.

The BC Sustainable Energy Association thanks our generous sponsors for making the Climate Change Showdown possible.


Contest Links!

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