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cool it climate leadership workshop

Cool It! Climate Leadership Training


The Cool It! Climate Leadership Training program develops and empowers young sustainability champions in schools in British Columbia. It is offered to school districts free of charge where it is sponsored by the local Municipality or District.

Formerly known as the 'Climate Change Showdown', Cool It! is an interactive environmental workshop and contest for students in grades 4 to 7. In each 90-minute workshop, our Environmental Educators use videos, games, quizzes and discussion to build on students’ knowledge of climate change.  

Following the workshop, students take home the four-week Cool It! Challenge that encourages families to make easy but important changes to their energy consumption. Through this activity, students and their families are challenged to initiate life-long behaviour changes in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

After four weeks, the contests are collected and the results are converted into measurable greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. Students and classes have the opportunity to win prizes and receive acknowledgement for their achievements at City Council meetings in their community.

The new Cool It! program connects with the BC curriculum in the areas of Science, Math and Social Studies, as well as core competencies. The workshop format and all program materials, including the contest, have been completely redesigned.  We look forward to rolling out the Cool It! Climate Leadership Training program in the 2016-17 school year!

Since 2007, BCSEA has:

  • Delivered 2,727 workshops in BC
  • Reached over 70,000 students & their families
  • Lowered greenhouse gas emissions in the province by 43,907 tonnes

Learn more about the successess of the Climate Change Showdown, the predecessor of Cool It!, by reading the final report for the 2015-2016 school year.

Potential sponsors - interested in developing young sustainability champions in your community?  Click here for more information.

Teachers - interested in booking a workshop for your class or learning more about the program? Contact us at cool-it@bcsea.org. Also download Cool It! Curriculum Connections to learn how this program connects with the new BC curriculum.

Teachers and Parents - looking for ways to inspire your students/children to become sustainability champions throughout the Cool It! program and beyond? Check out our resource page

Kids - check out our resource page with links to lots of cool information on how to reduce your carbon footprint!

BCSEA's Cool It! Environmental Educators in 2016-2017 are Karly Pinch, Kelly Nordin, and Manon Gartside.


Want to support BCSEA’s Cool It! Climate Leadership Training program?

That’s easy thanks to the Thrifty Foods Smile Card program. Just order a Smile Card from BCSEA and load it for your next shopping trip to Thrifty Foods. 5% of your purchase will be donated to the Cool It! program. Just one more way to support schools in your community to take positive climate action!

Send us an email with your mailing address to request your card!

In supporting the ongoing evaluation and development of Cool It! you will be taking part in the inspiring process of providing children with the tools and education they need to champion sustainability in their communities for generations to come.

We graciously acknowledge the support of Thrifty Foods for the Cool It! program. More information about the Thrifty Foods Smile Card Program: Program FAQs

If you would prefer to donate directly to BCSEA and the Cool It! program, you can do so here.

Climate Change Leaders - training just completed!