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Victoria Chapter

The Victoria Chapter of BCSEA seeks to educate and advocate on issues related to energy use, the reduction of GHG emissions, and solutions for transitioning to a non fossil-fuel economy. We partner with like-minded organizations, faith based groups, NGOs and businesses to reach larger audiences. 

We have many highly skilled members in the Victoria chapter, but most of us lead very busy lives. As a volunteer steering committee, we feel that the most effective way to manage our main activities is using teams. We combine our skills and provide mutual support to avoid burnout! We enjoy each other’s camaraderie while working together to make a difference.  

Our teams include:

  • Events: Planning for Speaker and Film series such as the “Energy and the Next Federal Election” Series of 2014-15 culminating in all-candidates meetings throughout the CRD. 
  • Communications and Outreach: Reaching out to media, other organizations, levels of government, etc. to educate and motivate a broad audience on the BCSEA mandate
  • Membership and Volunteers: We’re the team that matches your skills and interests with one of our other ongoing teams. If your time is limited and you can’t consistently be on a team, we also value volunteers whom we can call on to help with one-time events. Some larger events have used up to 30 volunteers at a time,
  • Education: Our team looks for ways to encourage people to engage personally and politically to support greater availability of sustainable energy solutions.  Currently we are focusing on engaging youth at local high schools, colleges and universities.

Energy and the Next Federal Election Speakers Series

Join us each month as we host a series of talks on key energy issues in Canada, including an All-Candidates meeting. Each talk is free and open to the public. Click here for the printable version of the event poster.

Monday, October 20 - Heather Bauer
Behavioural Change: Empowering people to act and influence others on climate change

Monday, November 17 - Andrew Pape-Salmon
Energy and Buildings: The best ways to get to the most energy-efficient buildings

Monday, January 19 - Guy Dauncey and Christina Ianniciello
Transportation: What policies do we need for sustainable, lowest-impact transportation?

Monday, March 16 - Dr. Kathryn Harrison
National Energy Policy: What about climate change? REGISTER

Monday, May 18 Dr. Charles Krusekopf
A National Carbon Tax for Canada: Let's stop delaying and make it happen

Monday, June 15
Building a Viable Economy Based on Sustainale Energy

Monday, September 21
All Candidates Debate on Energy and Climate


Blower Door Project

Borrow the Victoria Chapter ‘blower door’ to find air leaks in exterior walls and improve the air tightness and energy efficiency of existing homes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blower_door).

Other Activities

Times Colonist 10k run team
Join our new team to run in 2015.





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