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Local Chapters

We can make a difference. Working together we can realize our vision of a sustainable energy future

Vancouver Chapter

The BCSEA Vancouver Area Chapter exists to raise awareness about a sustainable energy future through events, engage with the public at community events, and develop partnerships with like-minded non-profit organizations.


Victoria Chapter

The Victoria Chapter of BCSEA seeks to educate and advocate on issues related to energy use, the reduction of GHG emissions, and solutions for transitioning to a non fossil-fuel economy. We partner with like-minded organizations, faith based groups, NGOs and businesses to reach larger audiences. 

Kamloops Chapter

The Kamloops Chapter of the BC Sustainable Energy Association advocates locally for sustainable energy solutions and raises awareness about the need to transition away from fossil fuels. We organize a variety of events throughout the year, incorporating a broad range of perspectives and partnerships.

Okanagan Chapter

BCSEA Okanagan is working to eliminate fossil fuel use in their region by 2030 through advocacy, education and policy change. Learn more about their great work.

South Peace

BCSEA South Peace's chapter provides information about sustainable energy, energy efficiency and conservation and encourages to implement sustainable energy solutions.

Forming your own local chapter

The BCSEA's Local Chapters are active in communities across BC, developing projects and organizing events.

No BCSEA Chapter where you live?

As a provincial organization working to empower local communities, we encourage members to establish Chapters where they live. We can help guide you through this process, and will support your enthusiasm with our administrative and moral support. If interested, please contact our office.