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BCSEA's Climate Leadership Plan Recommendations

BCSEA's 5 recommendations for a strong Climate Leadership Plan

BCSEA's recommendations ensure a government that is committed to combatting climate change, one that revives B.C.'s status as a Climate Leader. We urge British Columbians to give their input. The Government has extended the deadline for public consultation until noon on April 8th.

Give the B.C. Government your input by clicking here.


BCSEA Vancouver makes merry at their first Pub Night!

BCSEA Vancouver Chapter brought together members, volunteers, the public and its steering committee for the first of its monthly pub nights!

With more people joining than at Green Drinks, the event allowed the Vancouver Chapter to meet and greet its members, volunteers and interested members of the public. There was conversation around the sustainable energy industry, but the majority of the night was spent getting to know one another, with a little bit of networking thrown in!

Join them next time for more excellent socializing, drinks and networking!

Fun with numbers: Shaking the fossil fuel addiction

There has been a lot in the news recently about the need to address climate change and reduce our carbon emissions, in BC, in Canada and around the world.

Electricity is in the air, and on the roads

Battery powered electric vehicles are a hot topic in British Columbia.

Science World invites students to participate in the BC Green Game’s storytelling competition

Climate Change Showdown sponsor engages young people through photo and video essay projects

Science World is calling on students in grades K-12 to submit a video or photo essay project that highlights their school’s greenest achievements.

James Boak

James serves at the Chair of the Vancouver Chapter Steering Committee. Together they are building a community and a movement around renewable energy generation, energy efficiency and conservation, and low carbon/zero emissions transportation. James is passionate about creating a socially just, environmentally sustainable future for BC and believes technology will help smooth our transition to a 100% fossil-fuel free energy system.

Tom Bennett

Tom loves Vancouver and is dedicated to bringing about a sustainable energy future for B.C., ensuring British Columbia remains beautiful.

COP 21: Thinking globally and acting locally

The COP 21 Convention on Climate Change in Paris this December could be one of the great turning points in history.