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Matt Barnett

Matt is originally from the UK and moved to Canada at the beginning of 2015. Originally finding himself in Saskatchewan, he soon made the switch to British Columbia.  He brings with him six years experience in the contaminated sites sector as well as his university training of both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Environmental Development.  Matt is a new member of the BCSEA Vancouver Chapter and hopes to encourage lower carbon living.

BCSEA Vancouver takes to the shores!

On April 22nd, people all over the world show their support for the environment by celebrating EarthWork Day. This year the BCSEA Vancouver Chapter, SES Consulting and Enernoc teamed up to do a Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. 

Kathryn Pierce

Kathryn Pierce was born and raised on Vancouver Island, where she developed a passion for the outdoors and an appreciation for the environment. Kathryn received a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia in 2010. Since then, she has worked in business administration and more recently, internal sales. As a new member of the BCSEA Vancouver Chapter, Kathryn looks forward to building awareness around the Association's initiatives.

Aline Correia

Aline Correia is studying International Trade in Vancouver. She graduated in International Relations in Brasilia - Brazil.

Rob Feeny

Recently returned from living and working in Central America, Rob works to build rapport between the Vancouver chapter of the BCSEA and the local business community. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Management from UBC focused on Sustainable Entrepreneurship and has extensive business experience in multiple fields and countries. He is pursuing studies in Renewable Energy Management while working as a consultant, project manager and professional jack-of-all-trades.

Vancouver Chapter's Pub Night

The BCSEA Vancouver Chapter held its second Pub Night event, on April 12th.

At 6:30 in the evening, people from many different careers and backgrounds gathered at the St Regis Bar and Grill for some great banter, good conversation and networking.


B.C. businesses support a stronger carbon tax

More than 160 B.C. businesses have signed the following open letter calling on the B.C. government to commit to strengthening the province’s carbon tax as part of the Climate Leadership Plan, due out this spring.

Clean Energy through Communities with BC Hydro's Micro-SOP Program

Last month in downtown Vancouver, BC took a modest step toward what could expand into a significant community renewable energy program.


BC Hydro unveiled what it calls its Micro- Standing Offer Program, or Micro-SOP to a room full of independent power developers, first nations representatives and energy policy people.