• June 3, 2016

    Energy Connections 2016

    BCSEA is proud to announce Energy Connections, bringing together citizens, community groups, businesses, and government agencies to discuss actions for clean energy generation, energy efficiency and conservation, and low carbon transportation.

  • Climate Change Showdown

    Help Fund Climate Change Education in our kids' classrooms

    BCSEA's Climate Change Showdown program helps students to understand the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and empowers them to take action.

  • Meet Our Business Members

    Find a BCSEA Business in your Community

    Our BCSEA Sustainable Energy Directory lists all of our Business Members. It is a valuable tool to find companies and organizations that offer or support sustainable energy solutions.

  • BCSEA Membership

    Let's Accelerate the Transition to Clean Energy Together

    Your membership helps us spread the word that clean renewable energy is a social, ecological, and economic win.


Energy Connections 2016

June 3rd 2016, Vancouver
Join us and be inspired and informed to bring about solutions in clean energy generation!


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BCSEA is a non-profit organization that supports the sustainable use and production of energy in British Columbia and beyond. Thanks to the significant support and activity of our members, we are an effective and respected advocate on B.C.'s energy scene. 


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